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Program and membership information

Registration with Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skate Nova Scotia is required for all club members and is included in membership fees.  SSC/SSNS fees are payable only once during the season and will be deducted from the fees shown if already paid for the current season.  Information about the Speed Skating Canada membership categories is available at this link.  If you require membership in SSC/SSNS at a level not included in our program registrations, please contact the Registrar.

Please note that helmets are mandatory for arena programs, and are recommended for skating on the oval. 

Provided that they are wearing speed skates, members can skate during any scheduled speed skating ice time on the oval except when the ice is reserved for competitions or special events.  Check the Emera Oval Calendar for current schedule.

Registration for all programs is now available at  Under Province/Territory select Speed Skate Nova Scotia, and under Organization select Nova Scotia Masters Speed Skating Club.

Details of membership categories and programs follow:

Recreational Oval Membership $21

This membership level is available for those who wish to skate on the oval during speed skating ice times, but not participate in formal programs.  It includes registration with Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skate Nova Scotia.  Please note that if you are registering for the Introduction to Speed Skating program below, the Recreational Oval Membership is already included in that registration.


Full club membership includes a Participant level registration with Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skate Nova Scotia.  Please note that if you are registering for the Long Track Coaching program below, the Full Club Membership is already included in that registration.  Benefits of full club membership include:

  • Skating during designated speed skating ice times at the Emera Oval
  • Registration with Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skate Nova Scotia for insurance purposes
  • Access to speed skate sharpening equipment
  • Eligibility to rent speed skates from the club's inventory (see below,  note that club rental inventory is limited)
  • Skate sharpening and equipment adjustment clinics
  • Fitness and training programs
  • Technical and competition training programs
  • Eligibility to participate in Sunday Morning Racing and formal competitions
  • Informal one-on-one coaching from senior club members
  • Regular social events year round
  • Club bike rides
  • Inline skating

This program provides an introduction to speed skating for adults with previous skating experience in other types of skates, or a refresher for experienced speed skaters.  It includes the Recreational Oval Membership and registration with Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skate Nova Scotia described above.  The program consists of four one-hour sessions 10-11 AM on Saturdays in January and February on the Emera Oval starting January 5th, subsequent dates to be finalized when special event dates on the oval are known.  Speed skates will be provided from the Emera Oval inventory (subject to availability).


The long track coaching program includes the Full Club Membership with Participant level registration with Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skate Nova Scotia, plus 16 one-hour coached training sessions led by Todd Landon ChPC on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM , starting January 8th.  The sessions will cover technical and conditioning training and include self-directed supplementary training.  Registration is limited to 16 participants.

* Ice times on the oval may vary due to weather conditions.

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Skate Rentals

The Nova Scotia Masters Speed Skating Club has a small inventory of speed skates available for seasonal rental to members in good standing of the club.  All skates in the current inventory are a combination of a short track boot, which provides greater ankle support to new speed skaters, and a long track fixed blade.

The NSMSSC Skate Rental Program is a service provided by the club to help skaters get started at a reasonable cost. Once the skater is advanced enough to use intermediate or top-of-the-line equipment, they should consider purchasing their own skates, either new or through the second-hand market.

Contact the club registrar to make arrangements for fitting and rentals.

Conditions of rental:
  • Renter must be a club member in good standing.
  • Skate rental fees are to be paid for in full before removing skates from the club.
  • Skaters must care for skates (sharpening, cleaning, laces, etc.) according to generally accepted procedures prescribed by the club. A club sharpening kit will be available for use at the oval to sharpen skates.  See the attached blade maintenance guidelines.
  • Skaters must accept responsibility for any loss or damage beyond normal wear and make good such damages.
  • NSMSSC reserves the right to ask for the return of the skates at any time for short duration club activities such as Open Houses or Outreach Clinics.
  • The rental fee is $75 for the season (December-March).  The rental fee includes hard guards, which must be worn whenever walking off-ice, and soft guards (soakers) which are used for transportation and storage.
  • All skates guards and soakers must be returned at the end of the season (by April 15) for inventory purposes. At that time they should be clean, sharpened and contain proper laces.

Speed Skate Rental

$ 75.00 CAD

Fee for seasonal rental of speed skates. Period of rental December-March, skates must be returned by April 15th. Please arrange skate fitting before payment to ensure that skates are available in your size.


What is "masters" speed skating?

Technically, Masters is an age grouping for competition, which is open to speed skaters aged 30 and older.  But for practical purposes, it refers to speed skating for adults of any age.

Do I have to have been a competitive speed skater to get involved in masters speed skating?

No, masters speed skating is open to adults of all ages and abilities, even if you have never been involved in speed skating before.  It is a fun and social way to stay fit, and if you're interested in competition, that is available too.

Do I have to have speed skates to participate?

If you would like to skate on the oval during the speed skating ice time, you have to be wearing speed skates.  However, if you do not have your own, there are speed skates available in the oval skate rental inventory.  The club also rents speed skates to members on a seasonal basis.

What is involved in joining the club?

If you just want to skate on the oval, you can obtain a Recreational Oval Membership.  This includes your membership in Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skate Nova Scotia.  The club also offers instruction in speed skating through a number of coached programs.

I have speed skates, but I don't know where I can get them sharpened.

Speed skates should always be hand sharpened.  There is currently one place in HRM that provides hand sharpening

Members of the club also have access to the club sharpening equipment if they wish to sharpen their own skates. 


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